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Vladimir Kush


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Doors of Perception– deals with how we feel in relation to space and time and how space and time relate to each other, explores the driving forces that compel us to leave home and travel to far-off destinations, and shows how well-known historical facts are sometimes reflected in an unexpected way in the mirror of metaphorical mentality.

The two volumes (Light for the Souls & Doors of Perception) are the two worldviews – from the inside and from the outside – and as parts of a single whole they represent a kind of subtotal of the development of Metaphorical Realism over the years. We can now note with satisfaction that the “metaphoric shoot” planted a long time ago has grown into a huge tree with a spreading crown and born plenty of exotic fruits. Here is a basket full of them for you to enjoy – I hope both volumes bring you hours of joy, taking you away from everyday struggles and into the infinite, colorful, and captivating world of metaphor! "Vladimir Kush"

Art book & Art catalogue of Vladimir Kush's works – paintings, drawings, and sculptures – created after 2001 until present time.

Publisher: Kush fine Art
Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 6/8 inches
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0-9765298-4-X